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Operates Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays excluding eve of and public holidays.

Operates Tuesdays and Thursdays excluding eve of and public holidays.

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 Dangerous Goods

General The carriage of Dangerous Goods is complicated and difficult and the following is only intended as guidelines for the Company's Customers. Full details of the regulations are contained in the IMDG Code which should be followed at all times.
Gozo Channel treats the carriage of Dangerous Goods in two ways:
(i) On Passenger sailings
(ii) On Cargo Mode (freight only) where no more than 55 Passengers may be carried.

The following general points apply to both Passenger and Cargo Mode sailings:
(i) Many seemingly quite innocent goods are classified as Dangerous Goods. If in any doubt consult the IMDG (International Maritime Dangerous Goods) Code or the Company.
(ii) Prior to shipment the SHIPPER MUST FULLY COMPLETE a Dangerous Goods Declaration Note - Form GCC 306, attached. Company personnel are instructed to view and complete the relevant section of the dangerous goods declaration form when applicable.
(iii) Any dangerous goods carried must be carried in accordance with (a) IMDG Code requirements; or (b) in line with the exemption granted by the Authorities to carry on passenger sailings certain goods otherwise prohibited.
(iv) Company personnel are instructed to ensure the type, nature and quantity of dangerous goods to be shipped on each respective sailing. This shall be conveyed verbally and by presentation of the DGDN (Dangerous Goods Declaration Note) prior to loading. The stowage position is also to be noted on the Dangerous Goods Declaration Note.
(v) No dangerous goods are to be shipped on trailers without tractor units.
(vi) No dangerous goods are permitted to be shipped on the parcel service.
Gozo Channel Company Limited operates Ferry Services for the carriage of Dangerous Goods.

The service is specifically provided for any Materials and Substances listed in the international Maritime Dangerous Goods (OMDG) Code among which are:
    •    Fuels and Domestic Cooking Gases
    •    Paints and Thinners
    •    Welding and Cutting Gases Compressed Gases
    •    Corrosive Substances
    •    Swimming Pool Chlorine Products
    •    Flammable Liquids
    •    Oxidising Substances Toxic and infectious Substances
    •    Radio-Active Materials Timetable

Carriage of Acetylene shipper's requirements:
    •    Acetyline cylinders are to be carried in bundles, provided with suitable cages in a vertical position.  Securing to be in accordance to IMO/ILO/UNECE guidelines for packaging of cargo transport units.
    •    All cylinders are to be of certified construction and subject to periodical testing and inspection.
    •    Shipper is to ensure that all vlaves are proper, closed and submit a declaration to this effect.
    •    All cylinders are to be provided with a removable cap, properly secured over valve.
    •    Cylinders to be loaded in transport units which can shield cylinders from direct sunlight but allow easy access for inspection and can be opened once onboard the vessel — eg transport units with canvas sides.
    •    The packaging is to be in accordanxe with IMDG Part 4- P200 and / or the directive 2010/35/EU of the European Parliament and of the council of the 16th June 2010 for transportable pressure equipement and repeqaling Council directioves 76/767/EEC, 84/525EEC, 84/526/EEC, 84/527?EEX ND 1999/36?EC, also know as TPED Directive.
    •    The cylinders are to have evidence of
    ◦    Certification in accordance with the TPED Directive.
    ◦    Periodic 10 year, inspection in accordance with the R1DG code or the TPED Directive by an EU Council accredited Notified Body.
    •    Tranpsort units and bottles are to be correctly marked in accordance with Part 5.2 and 5.3 of the IMDG code
    •    Gozo Channel approved distributors are to submit every 6 months an inventory of all bottles, together with serial nunber, TPED certificate number and inspection status.
    •    Transport units loaded with cylinders to be at the jetty designated parking area 24 hours prior to the departure.
The carriage of explosives is not permitted on any of the Gozo Channel ferry services.

The service operates Tuesdays and Thursdays excluding the eve of and public For information and bookings please call 22109000.


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