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Press Release 01/11/2007

Gozo Channel WINTER SCHEMES as from today !!

Following the announcement yesterday by Minister Austin Gatt of the new Gozo Channel Co.Ltd. winter schemes, the following are details for the information of our passengers.

The schemes run as from today Thursday 1st November 2007 until 31st May 2008.

1. Immorru Għawdex Scheme 2007/08

The Immorru Għawdex Rates will be applied as indicated in Table 1 .

Table 1
Immorru Għawdex Winter Scheme 2007-08

Discount rate will be applied to all Standard Passengers for all trips between 17:15 hrs and 24:00 hrs for every day of the week from 1st November 2007 till 31st May 2008

Normal Rate Immorru Għawdex Discount Fares
Standard Passenger – Lm 2.00 ( €4.66)
Standard Passenger – Lm0.60 ( €1.40)
Standard Passenger + Car – Lm6.75 (€15.72)
Standard Passenger + Car –Lm3.60 (€8.39)

When dining or staying at any one of the following establishments the ferry discounted tickets will be completely refunded by the establishment when spending a minimum of Lm10 (€23.29) per person.

Standard Passenger tickets are fully refunded. The scheme is limited to a discount for up to one vehicle ticket for every two persons. Participating establishments will also refund a car ticket to a person travelling alone and presenting a vehicle + driver ferry ticket.

Participating Establishments 2007/08

Hotels / Accommodation:

Cornucopia Hotel & Bungalows - Xaghra
Downtown Hotel- Victoria
Gozo Farmhouses- Għajnsielem
Grand Hotel -Għajnsielem
Hotel Calypso- Marsalforn
Hotel Ta’ Ċenc & Spa - Sannat
Lantern Guesthouse -Marsalforn
Mariblu Guesthouse- Xewkija
San Andrea Hotel- Xlendi
San Antonio Guesthouse - Xlendi
St Patrick’s Hotel- Xlendi
Ulysses Village Aparthotel - Xlendi


Bonitos - Xlendi
Chez Amand- Marsalforn
Country Terrace -Mġarr
Dragon Chinese – Marsalforn
Fuhua – Victoria
Ic-Cima- Xlendi
Il-Terrazzo Restaurant - Xlendi
L-Iskoll - Sannat
Qbajjar Restaurant -Marsalforn
Ta’ Salvina Restaurant -Għarb

2. ’Come To Gozo Again’ Scheme

This winter Gozo Channel is introducing a scheme to repeat Gozo holiday makers.

Come to Gozo Again Scheme

Any passenger/s staying in any Gozo Licensed accommodation for 2 or more nights can exchange their VAT Receipt of the payment for their stay with a free standard ferry ticket which can be used at any subsequent visit to Gozo between Nov 07 and May 08.

A group of 2 or more clients staying in the same accommodation for 2 or more nights in the same period may also obtain a free car ticket together with 2 free standard passenger tickets which can be used between Nov 07 and May 08.

The hotel/ accommodation invoice and VAT receipt should demonstrate that a single charge has been made to the entire travelling party.

Tickets may be obtained as follows:


a. Calling personally at the Gozo Channel, Head Office, Channel House, Mġarr during weekdays between 0830 hrs to 16:00 hrs .


b. Mailing a copy of the VAT receipt and hotel/accommodation invoices by to Gozo Channel Co.Ltd, “Come to Gozo Again”, Channel House, Mġarr. Clients are advised to keep copies of the original documentation. Gozo Channel will mail the tickets within 10 days of receipt of documentation.

3. Karta Anzjan

With effect from 1st November 2007 all Karta Anzjan holders travel FREE with Gozo Channel when presenting their Karta Anzjan at the ticket booth.

Prices for Car + Vehicles for Senior Citizens will be reduced to Lm 4.75 and Lm3.00 for Gozo Resident Senior Citizen drivers.

More information on the schemes is available on the Gozo Channel Co. Ltd . website at

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