The courier service is operable on any advertised ferry sailing to/from Cirkewwa.
All carriage charges must be paid before shipment. Payment may be made by cash or debit/credit card (where applicable). Charges are according to weight. However for large, lightweight items a minimum charge should be applied.
Dangerous, Hazardous or Toxic Goods
The parcel service may not be utilised for the carriage of dangerous, hazardous or toxic goods.
Parcel Registration and Documentation Procedure
Parcels must be presented at the Terminal Office not less than 30 minutes before departure time and every effort will be made to despatch parcels/packages on the next sailing. Upon arrival of a courier customer at one of the Company’s offices, the parcel is weighed, the courier consignment form (CCF) completed, the CCF number written on the parcel and payment due effected.
Delivery of Parcels from Cirkewwa to Mgarr
At Cirkewwa, courier customers are to be attended to by a Terminal Assistant. The Terminal Assistant directs the customer to place the parcel on the weigh scale, completes the CCF and collects the money. A simplified DCR is completed and the CCFs attached thereto. The client is directed and assisted by the Terminal Assistant to place the parcel in the trailer which is normally positioned as near as possible to the vessel’s ramp.
Delivery of Parcels from Mgarr to Cirkewwa
At Mgarr customers are to proceed to the Ticketing Booth where Customer Service Sales staff weighs the parcel, completes the CCF and received payment. Receipts are processed under the normal DCR procedures. The customers will be directed to the Customer Service Operator who will make sure that parcels are placed in the package trailer positioned next to the departing vessel.
On collection, the consignee or his representative will be asked for a means of identification. The collector’s name is to be written on the CCF and he/she will be asked to countersign the form. If a parcel is not collected within three days, the Customer Service Operator will attempt to contact and inform the consignee accordingly.
Procedure for the Handling of Accompanied Baggage
On their arrival at the Mgarr or Cirkewwa Terminal, passengers wishing to avail themselves of this service are kindly requested to approach the baggage trailer where they leave their luggage in return for a pre-numbered baggage tag. Each tag is divisible in two parts with a similar unique pre-printed number on each side. One part of the tag will be given to the passenger as a receipt whereas the remaining self-adhesive part will be attached to the luggage. Delivery at the port of destination will be made only against presentation of the corresponding receipt tag. This service is free of charge and will be given preference over other packages (namely courier parcels) should the available space not be sufficient.


Max WeightMax Size
25kg100cm x 70cm x 90cm

These dimensions have been determined on the basis of the size of the trailer and/or catamaran storage allowing sufficient leeway for operational flexibility.


Up to 1kg€2.50
Between 1kg and 5kg€3.50
Between 5kg and 10kg€6.00
Between 10kg and 15kg€9.50
Between 15kg and 20kg€12.00
Between 20kg and 25kg€15.00


The published regulations and procedures relating to the provision of the courier service, which form an integral part of the Company’s Standard Conditions of Carriage

These Regulations and Procedures are drawn up in terms of Part Four of the Standard Conditions of Carriage of the Gozo Channel Company Limited and establish the standard procedure to be followed by any Customers making use of the Company’s Courier Services.
All words and phrases used herein shall be interpreted and construed in terms of the Company’s Standard Conditions of Carriage and, in case of conflict, the latter shall always apply.
Courier Services are available on all ferries operating to/from Cirkewwa destined for Mgarr, Gozo.
Courier Articles must be submitted for carriage not later than 30 minutes before departure time and the Company will make every effort to despatch parcels/ packages on the next sailing. The Company cannot be held responsible for any delays in the delivery of Courier Articles caused by the failure of Customers to submit in accordance with the terms contained herein.
Courier Articles shall be weighed at the Company’s offices and a courier consignment form (CCF) completed by the receiving agent or employee of the Company. Payment for Courier Shipments must be effected in cash or by credit/debit card (where applicable) prior to Shipment.
The CCF referred to in paragraph 5. above shall be completed in five copies. One copy shall be given to the Customer as a receipt and two copies shall be attached to the parcel, one of which will be handed over to the consignee upon delivery. The other CCF copies are for the Company’s internal use in accordance with existing procedures.
It is the Customer’s responsibility to ensure that the parcel is properly marked, and addressed and packed in such a manner as to ensure its safe transportation with ordinary care in handling. The contents of the parcel must be clearly described on the courier consignment form and breakable items are to be clearly indicated and labelled.
The Customer agrees that the Company may open and inspect a Courier Article for any reason at any time.
The Customer undertakes the responsibility of informing the consignee about the Courier Article and its approximate time of arrival.
The Courier Service may not be utilised for the carriage of Dangerous, Hazardous or Toxic goods as defined in the IMDG Code. These include drugs, arms and ammunition, explosives and fireworks, flammable liquids and solids, and toxic and infectious substances. Breach of this regulation by any Customer may result in his liability for any and all damages caused by such goods.
The applicable weight and dimensions limitations applicable in relation to Courier Articles shall be as follows: Max weight: 25kg | Max size: 100cm x 70cm x 90cm. These dimensions have been determined on the basis of the size of the trailer and/or catamaran storage, allowing sufficient leeway for operational flexibility.
On collection of the Courier Article, the consignee or his representative must show a means of identification and sign the CCF to confirm receipt of the parcel.
Failure of the consignee to collect the Courier Article within fifteen days from the date of its arrival at its destination, the Company reserves the right to destroy such Article as it deems fit or to return it to the sender who shall be liable to pay any expenses incurred by the company by such delay.
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