Press Release – Passengers on board Gozo Channel Ferries


Passengers on board Gozo Channel Ferries

Gozo Channel wishes to remind passengers using the ferries that it is not allowed to remain in their vehicles on the garage deck and car alarms are to be deactivated whilst the vessel is under way. 

In the event of an emergency which may involve a vehicle fire the visibility in the garage space, would be greatly reduced making it next to impossible to evacuate the space. Toxic fumes released from the fire would make the air unbreathable.  It would also be extremely difficult for any rescuers, wearing breathing apparatus, to locate any passengers in such conditions. 

The Company also would like to draw the attention of car drivers to deactivate their vehicle alarm, upon exiting from their vehicles, for the duration of the voyage. The   ship’s motion sets off the vehicle’s alarm, creating an unpleasant atmosphere, audible even by passengers on the upper decks. 

The Management

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